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5th MediaLib Workshop - Learning Support and Learning Analytics for a New Educational Paradigm

The 5th MediaLib Workshop wase held on the 12th July 2023 at Kyushu University, Japan in Room #414 at the Research Institute for Information Technology. This workshop was co-sponsored by the JST project "A Development of Reliable Learning Analytics Platform and its Advanced Applications for Teaching and Learning Support" by Professor Atsushi Shimata, "Learning Analytics Center, Kyushu University" and "Data-Driven Innovation Initiative, Kyushu University".

The workshop was run face-to-face only.

Workshop Itinerary

11th July
Internal Discussion
12th July 11:00
Talk by Jingyun Wang
12th July 13:00 - 16:00
  • Introduction to MediaLib and overview of tasks and examples of exercises with MediaLib (Drawing, data visualisation, game development).
  • Presentations by Participants
  • Feedback on MediaLib from the participants (functionality and ease of use), and comments and suggestions for existing and new tasks/exercises, proposals for new use scenarios: What is missing or how to adapt to new contexts and needs?
12th July Evening
Social Dinner

Venue Information

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